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ACC Highland Campus

The Highland Campus is one of ACC’s largest campuses, with capacity to serve 6,000 students in its first phase.

It is designed to feature innovative learning and a mix of private and public partnerships benefiting students and employers. It is home to the ACCelerator, a massive learning center for innovative teaching and learning.

Central location at ACC Highland

The Highland Campus is located near the north junction of Interstate 35 and Highway 290 and provides convenient and unparalleled rail and bus access as well as ample parking for students, employees, and visitors.

Course offerings

You can choose from a broad range of classes to reach your goal of a college degree or university transfer:

  • Transferable core curriculum classes to earn a two-year associate or four-year bachelor’s degree.
  • Developmental education to achieve college readiness.
  • A groundbreaking, all-levels developmental math class.

Support programs

The Highland Campus provides a full range of student support programs to guide students’ college experience from admission to completion.

Envision the Future of ACC Highland

The Highland Campus is the first phase of the ACC Highland mixed-use redevelopment project.

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